First Team To Use SONY XOCN Codec In Korea

As we started our new project “The First Timer”, our third collaboration with Director Daeryun Chang, the previous ones being “I, Profess” and “Call Coho,” we were fortunate to obtain sponsorship from Sony Korea. We were able to use their camera f55 with 6 cine lenses and in exchange we are serving as a case study for their XOCN format. Since it is a relatively unknown format, filming teams either use XAVC or RAW, we are officially the first team to use this format in Korea.

What is XOCN format?



From Sony’s website: The X-OCN codec is a 16-bit compressed codec and comes in two flavors, ST and LT.  The benefits of using the X-OCN codec vs the RAW available on the R7 are primarily space related.  The X-OCN ST codec uses about 33% less media than the RAW, and the LT version uses roughly one-third of the space.  When compared to the ever popular ProRes codecs the X-OCN offers greater bit depth while still offering space savings. The ST codec uses less space than ProRes 422 HQ, and the LT codec uses less space than ProRes 422. Scroll down to the see our Sony X-OCN sample footage.

We have now completed principal photography and I can tell you this:

  1. We shot in 4K XCON standard,
  2. For an expected run time of 10~12 min, we shot roughly 600 Gb of data,
  3. F55 doesn’t allow 4K directly to the card in camera so we used an extra recorded that fits in the back of the camera.

We had no special issues during the shoot with the camera or the codec as our team and especially our Director of Photography Daniel Smukalla works with Sony cameras all the time so using the F55 was a real breeze.

The real challenge will come when we get into editing in about a week time. We use Adobe Premiere Pro and I am curious to see how the software ingests the footage. We’ll be working with proxies so I don’t forsee any complications but film being film, there probably will be.

To be continued.

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