Call Coho Selected For Soho Film Festival

Call Coho Selected For Soho Film Festival

Following a very successful start of the year, our short film Call Coho directed by Daeryun Chang is now selected for a central city New York festival: The Soho short Film Festival. The Director will be attending the festival in New York alongside AJP Productions producer Hee-Young Sunwoo.

Come and say hi!

For this event, we made a short teaser for the film:

AJP Productions provides high quality production services in South Korea and around Asia, don’t hesitate to contact us for filming requests.

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Filming with Timecode in South Korea

Filming with Timecode in South Korea

Like any international production, you prepare your upcoming shoot by getting your crew together, maybe a fixer if you film overseas then you secure your equipment. Part of this equipment is, of course, your master clock, sync boxes and electronic slate and you expect all of your local partners to do the same.

 Master clock
Master clock

Well, here is the bad news: Korean production companies don’t use timecode sync. Here, the labor is cheap enough that they leave it to the editing team to figure things out. However, when you plan to edit your corporate film or advertising overseas, it becomes an issue.

At AJP Productions, we have the expertise to implement timecode sync throughout your production. We were recently contacted by a Korean production company a few days before a major advertising shoot as they couldn’t work out the timecode sync required by the international production which was flying in for a few days for principal photography. We pushed full steam forward and helped make the shoot successful.

There are several things to keep in mind when filming with timecode in South Korea:

  • The majority of production companies do not have the equipment required for it and therefore it is close to impossible to rent it in the local shops,
  • For that reason, it is important to contact AJP Productions in advance so that we can talk about what you need and how to better deal with your specific needs.
 Timecode Sync Slate
Timecode Sync Slate

AJP Productions being currently on the rise, we are still in the process to purchase everything needed for major shoots with timecode sync to make sure that in the near future, our clients don’t even need to concern themselves with these basic requirements as they will come built into our production packages.

I will soon post the intricacies of the recent shoot we have worked on, it was quite fascinating. Between separate rooms, four cameras, a whole lot of transmitters and the time crunch, pulling it off wasn’t a small feat.

So remember, if you plan to shoot in South Korea, timecode is unusual so contact AJP Productions and we will get everything sorted out for you.

 Sync Box
Sync Box

AJP Productions provides high quality production services in South Korea and around Asia, don’t hesitate to contact us for any filming and fixing requests.

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Filming Interviews for International General Electrics Conference

Filming Interviews for International General Electrics Conference

We were recently contacted by GE’s internal team for production services in Korea for their testimonials from clients and partners. The testimonials will be integrated into a bigger video with clients from all over the world. In order to achieve that, we used a green screen setup in a room close to the main event so that it would be easy for GE’s clients to stop by and give their testimony.

AJP Productions provides high quality production services in South Korea and around Asia, don’t hesitate to contact us for any filming and fixing requests.

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Sedae Documentary Progress

As we move forward with the editing of Sedae, a documentary about generations in South Korea, I can’t help but to share some screen captures with you. They are all in the current rough cut of the film so you can have a glimpse of where we’re heading.

Reminder of our film’s Synopsis:

Korea’s quick growth resulted in much contrast between the old and young, and rural and urban. This documentary visually shows the different aspects of Korean life, and is narrated over by Koreans of all ages and backgrounds that are a part of it. Their narration examines their thoughts of the Korea around them, of the different generations, and of all of the changes they have seen and experienced throughout their lives. All of this is blended together to show the diverse aspects of one country that has tremendously transformed in such a short time.

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Interviewing Executives at Home Plus

Interviewing Executives at Home Plus

Last week, with the help of our great cinematographer, we had the opportunity to enter the Gangnam offices of Home Plus, a giant South Korean retailer, and interview one of the company executives. It was a simple shoot but required attention to detail as we were building a testimony video for a Corporate & Marketing company called Nielsen.

Thanks to the high rise location, we could get some very nice shots and I’m looking forward to the finished video.

 Filming Home Plus Executive
Filming Home Plus Executive
 Filming Home Plus Products
Filming Home Plus Products

AJP Productions provides high quality production services in South Korea and around Asia, don’t hesitate to contact us for any filming and fixing requests.

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Writing Toolbox for The Digital Age

While I love the romantic idea of writing ideas on pieces of paper and typing scripts on an old typewriter à la Woody Allen, my life is not quite similar to his. So, I tried and tried many setups and after a long, really long period of trial and errors, I finally found the combination of tools and apps that help me write.

Because in the end, writing is just about that: writing.

Who I Am Defines How I Write

I am a French born, New Zealand trained, South Korea based writer. I love Mac but hate iphones -the use of which almost drove me completely mad as the need for plugs to charge the battery would rate way too high in my list of life priorities- I use Ipad, wifi only, but due to work meetings and other engagements, I’m often on the move. Finally, I want to be able to access my scripts from everywhere and on all my devices but at the same time, I want to be able to completely tune out and enjoy the beauty of my own little world without being attracted by this good (new) old enemy: the Internet.

In order to answer all these pre-requisites, I had to do a lot of research AND equip myself with a lot of patience since what I needed was sometimes just not available. However, thanks to 2016 and a bunch of awesome developers, I now have a complete toolbox to tap into, a toolbox that I will now happily share with you.

Before I do so, let me get something out of the way. Some of you may say that celtx is one of the best solutions out there for multi-platform and general screenwriting needs out there. Please do read my post about why I do not use celtx.  In short however, Celtx has removed its desktop app and is now exclusively online which makes it difficult to avoid our well known enemy: the Internet.

Without Further Ado, Here is My Full Setup


Ok, so here is how it works, I use Slugline to write on my computer. It is a nice clean app that uses the fountain syntax. This allows me to write within a clean interface with no distractions. I have two copies of my script, the backup on my computer and the working file inside dropbox.

You all know dropbox right? If you don’t, allow me to jump over the slightly condescending comment that would make me sound like a douche and point you to the app right away: Dropbox. This is the key platform that makes the whole system work. Therefore, it needs to be installed on all devices.

Next, for my cellphone, Android, I use Jotterpad. Now, this is a very new addition to my setup. I tried a couple of apps that had an ugly, crowded interface but this one is rather clean and understands the fountain syntax. Link it to dropbox and choose the file you want to edit.

For the iPad, I use Editorial. This app is perfect for writing as it not only understands fountain syntax but also allows you to preview the text as it will appear once fully formatted for export. The app also automatically links to dropbox.

Now, why using Ipad and android and not only one? Well, Ipad is for when I know I will be on the bus or train for a while and will have time to settle to write. It has a wider screen which is more comfortable than a smart phone. The Android however is for when something just comes to mind and I want to jolt it down before I lose it. However for the iPad, there is an important modification to make before being able to write comfortably.


Writing with the iPad is a bit of a pain, especially when you’re on the move so you need to get the split keyboard up and running. Here is how you do that right here. Once you keyboard is set, it will change everything and writing with the iPad will become a breeze.

This Is Not A Perfect Setting

Indeed, since the iPad is not connected to the network, I need to make sure to connect it to the wifi after I made any changes to the script, especially if I plan to continue to write on my computer afterwards. Also, Editorial has a specific folders arrangements in dropbox which means that you’ll have to setup your apps and folders according to Editorial on dropbox. Also Editorial reloads when you start the app and doesn’t go back to where you were writing.

Those are minor issues for me and the whole setup works perfectly to suit my needs. It took me a while to be satisfied with my setup so I’m hoping that this information will save you research time so you can dedicate yourself to your writing.

Before you go, I have a little extra for you to help fighting our biggest enemy: The Internet.

Focus is the best app I came across to shut down the unnecessary websites when you need to focus. You select a list of distracting websites and apps on your computer and once you click the Focus icon, it kills the apps and transforms the internet tabs opened on the bad nasty time wasting time websites into motivating inspirational quotes.

Now, off to write!

CEO and Founder of AJP Productions, Aurélien Lainé is a Writer, Director and Producer handling both creative and business sides of AJP, focusing on details while keeping an eye on the big picture. Find more details at

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Fender an AJP Productions Short Film

Sometimes, production companies have to select the projects which can move forward and those that need to be put on hold. Last year, I had to make such a tough decision with a small project I wrote, produced and directed.

Now, building on the success we had last year and early this year, I am bringing the project back and putting it on the editing floor to make sure it is completed within the next few months.

So keep an eye out for Fender, an AJP productions short film starring Kahlid Elijah Tapia.

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Airport Forms For Film Equipment in South Korea

Towards the end of 2015, one of our clients came to film Corporate Golf Tournament and were looking for a fixer to take care of transportation, sound capturing and rental of special equipment. For the most part though, they brought their own team and equipment. Their question then was: what form do we need to fill up at Incheon airport to declare their video equipment on arrival?

Here is the official answer. This is the form that you will need to fill up to bring in your video equipment in order to export it right back when you leave: (keep reading, there’s an HOWEVER)

 Import for re-export declaration form
Import for re-export declaration form


The fact of the matter is: no one at the airport really knows how to handle these things so there is no real need to declare your equipment when you visit Korea. It took my team a few hours and many phone calls to chase down the actual form and even then, the customs office seemed dubious about its use.

What you must do though, is fill up a declaration when you leave your own country. Our client was from the USA so he filled up all the required documents on departure. Those are essentials as some countries are a lot tougher on import/export than South Korea.

So the non-official-yet-reliable answer to ‘do we need to declare our equipment at the airport when coming to South-Korea?’ is no, you don’t but make sure you declare it at the airport of departure.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need a local fixer is South Korea. AJP Productions has a lot of experience in dealing with local authorities and we will help you get your filming done.

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AJP Productions is Now Officially an Award Winning Production Company

AJP Productions is Now Officially an Award Winning Production Company

Following a very successful year 2015 and all the awards received by two of the films we partly and fully produced, Haebangchon and Call Coho, AJP Production is now officially an award winning production company.

In the midst of this achievement, we would like to thank all our amazing cast and crew and especially those who have been working with us for so long without (too much) complaining, even when we pushed the limits of their endurance.

As we push forward with the development of new projects, we hope to achieve even more great content and will aim at giving more chances to talented people and extend our activities to all major media platforms.

Thank you all for your support.

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Aurelien Laine’s Profile on Kyoto Filmmakers Lab

Last year I attended an excellent Filmmakers Lab in Kyoto, Japan. It was filled with lectures from different people in the industry such as Masato Harada, Jet Inoue and a panel of international film festivals professionals. This was an exceptional experience based in the heart of the beautiful city of Kyoto.

The organizers have now put up the Alumni page aaaaaaaand, here I am: KFL Alumni Page.

More info about the Lab:

Once called the Hollywood of Japan, Uzumasa, Kyoto has developed as a filmmaking capital thanks to its rich cultural background and its forerunners’ legacy of creativity and inspiration. Two major studios continue to use the established skills of professionals to produce films with refined sensibilities. Kyoto’s unique theatrical sword fighting has influenced a wide range of visual works, including Sci-Fi films, video games, and animated works, going beyond the border of the Jidaigeki genre.

When we look back at the history of filmmaking in Kyoto, we are reminded that it is young creators who have played the important roles in the creation and innovation of cinematographic expression. That movie professionals of diverse cultural backgrounds have found their encounters with Kyoto’s valuable heritage of filmmaking to be of great importance to their careers supports this observation. 
Kyoto Filmmakers Lab aims to provide an international networking place for young filmmakers, as well as an opportunity for them to receive guidance from leading directors and professionals in the industry and filmmaking experience in the active studios while taking advantage of Kyoto’s filmmaking heritage. We hope that this workshop, where filmmakers of various cultural backgrounds gather in the studios in Kyoto to live and create a film together, will inspire the creation of new films in Kyoto and spread the tradition and spirit of Kyoto’s filmmaking across the globe.

In the seven-year history of Kyoto Filmmakers Lab, a total of 139 participants from 37 countries, selected from 615 applicants from 81 countries, have experienced filmmaking in Kyoto.

This year, we are excited to deliver edgy lectures in collaboration with Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF), the largest film festival in Japan, in addition to our signature Jidaigeki making workshop. We hope that this program will be a meaningful opportunity for aspiring filmmakers in this ever-changing visual arts world.

For even more information, head on out at the Kyoto Filmmakers Lab website.

 That's the kind of cool stuff you can do at Kyoto Filmmakers Lab
That’s the kind of cool stuff you can do at Kyoto Filmmakers Lab
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